Physio-led Pilates

We offer online and studio Pilates classes, workshops and one-to-ones.

With our experience and expertise our Physio-led Pilates is for everyone; whatever your age, fitness level or injury background.

Making you stronger, more flexible and feeling good about yourself every day on your life’s journey


It doesn’t matter what stage you are at in life, Pilates is one form of exercise you shouldn’t be missing out on, whether you’re overcoming an injury and becoming more mobile again, right through to your regular exerciser and athlete to improve sporting performance.

Pilates uses a range of unique exercises and exercise sequences to help strengthen your entire body and improve your flexibility. Mike Redshaw knows how to help you move your body correctly in order to activate your muscles effectively during every exercise.  He is passionate about ensuring everyone in class experiences this, so that you can enjoy the physical and mental benefits from his Pilates programme.

Mike and Becky doing a downward dog during a Pilates studio class

Studio Pilates Classes

Our studio Pilates classes are delivered from our Crafthole studio in Cornwall and from The Barn at the Rame Innovation Hub, in Antony (nr. Torpoint). Both are located on the Rame Peninsula.

From our Crafthole studio we are able to focus on small groups and one-to-one Physio-led Pilates sessions.

It is equipped with premium Pilates mats to give you that added comfort during our Matwork classes, as well as a full range of Pilates small equipment. This includes the infamous “magic circle”, Ova ball, foam roller, Swiss balls, sliders to weights and resistance bands and TRX suspension training straps.

From The Barn at the Rame Innovation Hub, Antony (nr. Torpoint), we provide structured face-to-face studio Pilates classes for up to 12 people. These classes are designed to work the whole body through a range of mat-based exercises and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Live Online Pilates Classes

Our weekly online Pilates classes are live-streamed so that you can do it from wherever you are; whether that’s from the comfort of your own home or perhaps whilst at work. 

During these online classes you will benefit from our expertise and supportive coaching, to get the most out of each exercise so that your mind and body really do feel the benefits. All our online classes are for all abilities and ages (we can help you choose the right class).

Mike leading one of the Live Online Pilates Classes
Becky taking part in one of the Pilates classes


If you are new to Pilates or have an injury, we recommend a pre-assessment to make sure the class is right for you.


Our one-to-one Pilates offers you the opportunity for individual and personal Pilates instruction. This is bespoke personal Pilates training tailored around your body and individual goals. 

We use a range of unique exercises and exercise sequences to help strengthen your entire body and improve your flexibility. 

If you are unable to find a suitable time slot please contact us directly.

Mike with a client on a one to one Pilates class
Becky taking part in one of the Pilates classes

Pilates Workshops

We offer a number of Pilates workshops throughout the year. They offer an opportunity for our clients to spend time on refining and perfecting their technique and for us to answer any questions or revisit questions that came up in class to help everyone develop.

Our workshops start at £20. Please contact us to book as the dates and times vary throughout the year.

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