Bike Fit

2 Hour Bike Fit

A BIKE FIT is first and foremost all about making sure you are comfortable and in an optimal riding position on your bike.

It is important to make sure that the ergonomics of your bike and your position are complementary to guard against avoidable injuries, commonly affecting the hip, knee, foot and back.

There is a direct link between your power output (the amount of watts you produce), your body position and aerodynamics.

Arguably and most important of all, we also assess your pedalling technique and how you move when riding to ensure we can help you be as efficient as possible, ensuring you are maximising your pedal stroke and the power you are putting through the pedals.

We assess and consider all of this in our BIKE FITS. This is so we can make sure:

  1. You are in a comfortable position to…
  2. prevent injuries or your recovery from an injury, to…
  3. optimise your power output and body position to…
  4. ensure your riding technique maximises the return for your efforts all together in one bespoke assessment to suit you and your body.

This is delivered in one bespoke assessment to suit you and your body.

Who is this for?
Anyone who enjoys riding their bike whatever your level. A quality Physiotherapy led BIKE FIT is a priority even if performance isn’t your number one goal, it will help you to look after your body on your bike.

If you are unable to find a suitable time slot please contact us directly.