Pilates – Realign your body for beginners 

Many of our clients have started Pilates due to an injury or because of postural pain or perhaps they just want to develop whole body strength and flexibility. In all cases as their body has allowed, they have then progressed with this very unique method of movement.

So, what is Pilates?

Pilates is focused on effectively aligning the body, strengthening your important core muscles, as well as strengthening your entire body. Often the goal here, being to work muscles which we often forget about and don’t use enough in other forms of exercise or in our day-to-day life.

It is a very unique method of body conditioning; a very mindful and intelligent exercise approach. The benefits include reduced stress and fatigue, and as mentioned, it improves alignment, improves how you move and improves whole body strength and flexibility.

Why is Pilates a good exercise for beginners?

The beauty of Pilates is that it is such an adaptable exercise; it can be tailored for a broad range of abilities, age, and personal aims.

If you are looking to strengthen your body effectively, or start exercising for the first time in a long time, or an athlete looking to enhance their training then Pilates is a great place to start. As a beginner, the Pilates method allows you to start at an easy level and progress through the many stages, depending on your need as a client.  The fantastic thing about matwork Pilates is that you can practice it anywhere at any time, all you have to do is roll out your mat and off you go.

Why finding a good Teacher is so important

Whether you are a beginner or advanced Pilates exerciser, finding a good Teacher is so important. A good Teacher will be able to read a client’s body and its imbalances. During a group class or one-to-one session the Teacher will be able to tailor the programme and/or exercises to your individual needs and ability, so that you are able to enjoy Pilates and allow your body to get the most out of each exercise regardless of your ability. All our sessions are Physio-led and delivered by APPI qualified matwork Teachers.

Can you progress in Pilates?

As you become stronger and more familiar with our Pilates method, the exercises evolve and get stronger and harder also. This is why so many people fall in love with Pilates and it becomes their go to exercise. The journey from beginner to advanced is very rewarding, you will become stronger, your body shape will change and most importantly you will keep any pain or injuries you may have had at bay. We can guarantee that you will most definitely get a lot of enjoyment out of Pilates. 

Whether you are a beginner, injured, or a professional athlete, Pilates will help you become stronger, more flexible and feel positive about yourself every day. We have a range of Pilates classes to suit your own ability both online and in the studio. 

What do our clients think?

“I will definitely be continuing my Pilates. My back is feeling better every week. I’m feeling stronger than I was when I started 11 weeks ago. I can feel I’m improving. I’m in this for the long term. Pilates is definitely going to be staying as part of my weekly workouts, mixed with cycling. I already feel stronger on steep climbs and I put that down to increased core strength, and the back getting slowly better. Thanks very much”. Mark Bazeley, Okehampton, Devon, 

Mark is currently doing Rehab Pilates on Mondays at 18:30 and will be moving into a Strength & Sculpt session after the next block.