Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes 

Our Pre-assessment and supportive coaching style enables us to understand your needs and challenges to help you succeed in your goals.

Mike holding a side plank during one of the Pilates classes

We are committed to giving you an engaging, enjoyable and positive experience in every class


Becky taking part in a Pilates Flow class

Pilates Flow

Our Pilates Flow classes work your whole body, with a strong focus on seamless transitions between exercises and exercise sequences, building strength and flexibility with control and “flow” linking moves for that added challenge. Our Pilates Flow class will always leave you with a smile on your face and feeling great afterwards.

Suitable for all ages and levels, with progression options given for advancement.

Pilates Strength and Sculpt

Our Pilates Strength and Sculpt classes focus on strong body positions and maximising your alignment in each exercise to build strength throughout your whole body. As well as isolating and working important muscle groups. Here we provide you with variation week to week to bias the upper body or buttocks and legs and yes always working and strengthening your core. After this class, you will feel stronger, more flexible and simply more capable to tackle your day.

Suitable for all ages and levels, with progression options given for advancement.

Becky taking part in Pilates Sculpt and Strength class
Mike taking part in a Power Pilates class

Power Pilates

Our Power Pilates class is a dynamic and high intensity class that will strengthen and tone your whole body and raise your heart rate! During this class we encourage you to never sacrifice your form, this will ensure you work your muscles effectively and safely.

This class isn’t suitable for beginners or clients with prior injuries.

Rehab Pilates

This is a beginners level class that can help you to develop your strength and flexibility. We recommend this class if you are new to Pilates, have a current or prior injury and are ready to progress in a class at a manageable pace. Here, we remove the temptation to try exercises that might tempt you to try levels harder than is appropriate and because we have assessed you (pre-assessment), we know what level of exercise will be most effective. 

This class is suitable if you are new to Pilates, or if you have a prior injury and for those ready to progress their rehab, to restore and enhance your body’s strength and flexibility.

Mike with a client on a Rehab Pilates class
A client taking part in a Pilates equipment class

Pilates Equipment Classes

Crafthole Studio 

Our small equipment classes are for a maximum of 4 people at our Pilates Studio. They are focused and challenging classes utilising Pilates equipment to enhance your muscle activation and in turn improve your strength. Our equipment classes are another opportunity for you to challenge your body in a different way.

Equipment includes the infamous “magic circle”, Ova ball, foam roller, Swiss balls, sliders to weights and resistance bands and TRX suspension training straps. Each block brings a new equipment theme and challenge.

Mums & Bubs – Post Natal Pilates

This class is perfect for new mums and babies and is designed to meet the recovery and needs of new mums and babies. You will strengthen your body from the inside out with a strong focus on pelvic floor and core. As well as strengthening your body as a whole. And while you take some time for yourself, working on restoring your strength and alignment, your little bub can be with you enjoying some tummy time or perhaps a little nap!

Being parents to 3 young boys, we totally get children can be very unpredictable so don’t be afraid to come along to these classes, flexibility is something we specialise in.

Before booking please make sure you have the all-clear from your Doctor or have either spoken with us first or booked in for a pre-assessment.

Suitable Mums with Bubs at non-crawling stage.

Becky taking part in one of the Pilates classes

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